30th Birthday Celebrations

I know, I know, I was 30 back in December but why not blog about it now?!

I turned 30 on the 20th December and for some time, I’ve wanted to have a party to celebrate this.  I might have the odd house party to celebrate but as my birthday is 5 days before Christmas, people can’t seem to make it at times so this was a way to get everyone together and celebrate.  The birthday wasn’t the only celebration though as I was shaving my hair for Cancer Research to support my mum with her cancer journey.

Christmas was the theme and it was an option of Christmas jumpers or Christmas Fancy Dress; I opted for Mrs Claus.  I kitted the room out with Christmas decorations, I called Santa to see if he would come along and give a gift to the kids who where there and I put out a pretty good spread.  I got my brother in law to do the DJing, my sister in law to do the photography and got the family together to set up the room the night before.

The party came soon enough and we had a ball (well I know I did!).  The plan of action was Santa giving out gifts, buffet to open (which gave me time to have my hair plaited ready for the head shave), head shave and then party the night away.

All the kids loved having Santa there, they all receive a gift each (I chose well as they loved them!), the photos came out great too (I’d never doubt that for a second of course!) and then it was time for me to take a seat ready for the raffle.  Most plaits were raffled off so everyone had a shot of cutting one off.  These were put away for safe keeping of course as they were being donated to The Little Princess Trust.  Then my friend Diane shaved the rest of my hair off!  Scary but amazing especially with the hair I had!

Then the surprise came….. my husband of 7 years proposed to me!  Back in 2004 I proposed to him on the 29th Feb, we married in 2008 on the 29th Feb just to be different of course and ever since I’ve joked about not knowing what it will feel like being proposed to…. I can tell you it’s amazing!  Obviously we will HAVE to renew our wedding vows now won’t we 😉  We was also asked to be god-parents to our new Nephew Roman!  Everything went on that night!

From the head shave I raised £2273.64 for Cancer Research, I donated my hair to The Little Princess Trust and I got some fab certificates for the pleasure.  Amazing to think that I raised all that money and my hair was accepted to make a wig for a little child who needs it.

For further information and links to the companies listed please click below:



makelifememorable.wordpress.com or https://www.facebook.com/elowreyphotography


Here’s a few pictures from the night and a link to the video (grab a tissue!)

Lynz x


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