It’s 2015! No blogging for over a year! Thought I’d give it another go!

Hi all!

Oh how I’ve missed publishing my feelings and using my blog.  I’ve not blogged since August 2013 which is a while ago.  Just took me ages to get set back up but it will be worth it I’m sure!

So, what’s been happing in the time over a year you ask?  Well a few ups and downs I’d say but I’m getting there.

My career has some to an end.  Teaching is not for me.  I enjoy working with the kids and making a difference but that’s about it.  It has made me ill on several occasions and I have jumped ship.  It’s an experience I won’t forget and I am damn sure that my skills will be transferrable.  I need a work:life balance.  I was unable to achieve this when I was teaching.  I wouldn’t see my family for weeks on end and I know I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything bad happened to them in that time.  I know that all careers can be hard working and you do it to have the best of everything but you need a life too, right?!  It’s a good job I became ill as I have been able to look after my mum and dad now.  My mum was looking after my dad and has done for many years (unfortunately he has various illnesses but he is too proud to show them) but my mum has now become ill too.  Cancer decided to target her.  So what my mum can’t do, I can.  I can also look after my mum by taking her to all the appointments she has for her treatment and meet with the doctors and consultants when they request.  I can also take my dad to his appointments and help around their house too.  Rewarding and upsetting at the same time I tell you.  Being a full time carer can be hard work (I don’t see it as hard work, they have looked after me and brought me up so it’s my turn to do the looking after) but that’s another story.

Health-wise – let’s not go there.  TTC still not happening and I am under investigation due to prolonged bleeds which are beginning to scare the life out of me.  I was dreaming last night about it.  Somewhere in my dream I was told to start investigating and do more for myself and that’s what I’m going to do.  When I was 18, I had a cervical cancer scare and I am actually worried that this could now be linked to that.  I have fought to have a scan (my blood loss started back in June 2014 and it’s still happening.  I have had blood work that shown I was ‘fine’ and I had a scan the other day to which I am waiting the results on.  I rang to get an appointment so I can discuss this further with my GP.  Lets see how I get on there.  With the family links to cancer, I don’t want to risk it anymore.

Family life is great apart from the above.  I am able to spend time with the people I care about and love.  I have a great support network around me and certain people do get me through everything.  My husband is my rock and I know he helps me no end with everything.  I can’t thank him enough.

Anyway’s I have to go.  Hopefully I get to blog more this year!

Lynsey x


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